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That's a good thing, because these were fun, intense hours, not irritating backtracking.

The only bad thing about this game was the CE content which, as someone already said, was actually punishing the players, not adding anything fun.

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En tot nu vindt iedereen die ‘helikopterzoen’ niet leuk.

Mo Dreams - the game took me around 4 hours, because it seemed more logical to me. Another thing that made the game shorter for me were the last two chapters (out of 6 all).

I'm not a big fan of MO, but actually it shortened the game for me (I still say it must be unplayable for people with poor eyesight, but in my case it worked ok).

(meer…) Wat ik je nu ga vertellen is de manier waarop je je moet gedragen zodat de kans groter is dat het je lukt een vrouw te versieren.

We all have types – I personally prefer tall, extraordinarily handsome gentlemen who are brilliant, hilarious, kind, ambitious and have nice teeth. But there’s a line between having a fondness for certain attributes and being the kind of person whose type is simply “Asian girls” or “black guys."That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with finding a particular Asian woman or a particular black man attractive. I'm talking about "I only date ethnic women" as if white people simply lack ethnicity or “I love Asian chicks” or “black men are awesome in bed because WELL YOU KNOW WHY” or "I love fiery Latin women" or "black women are the best because butts." I'm talking about the people who take actual personality out of the attraction, or assume that because someone has a particular racial background they also have other traits – whether that’s being a tiny submissive lotus-flower or packing a big dong.


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