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The second wasn't happy either- she said that he played too much NEW music! As your host, I try to make the parties fun, comfortable, reasonably priced, and conducive to meeting new people...then they began to laugh and "argue" about it between themselves! I am more interested in giving you a great experience, and good value, rather than how much money I can get from you at the door! After his death, he haunted his former girlfriend, until she went insane.

It was like the United Nations, and a wide variety of ages, which I liked also, even though I was younger than most. Well worth the few bucks to get in and definitely well worth going home to change! " 'Valentine's Party..nice party, but there was an awful smell in the room when I first arrived..... I was about to leave, but after a short while it seemed to disappear.Our complete super index of top Indian casinos and resorts in the greater San Diego area features a large map to the casinos that instantly hooks people up with detailed information, pictures of casinos, casino games, casino policies, official casino gambling websites.Our Indian gambling casino website offers info insights and lists on the best and worst casinos in the greater SOCAL area. You went all out with the party favors, champagne, give-aways and decorations. First one didn't like it - she said that the DJ plays too much OLD music. Ana" _______________________________________________________ "I went to your Valentine's Day party Friday night, and I was surprised - almost shocked at how many people were there, and almost an even number from both sexes! I poked my head in and saw a big crowd in the room - so I decided to go home and change! I'm out of town on business for a couple of weeks, but we are going to meet there at the next party. "As host of the parties, I like to ask people how they are liking the night. On this one occasion, I asked two ladies (girlfriends) who came to the party together, how THEY liked the music.When they confronted the hotel clerk he told them that there is nothing above our room besides the roof!


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