Dating quizzes for men

I know men do this well, sometimes too well, especially when it comes to women (so I’m reminded by some of my female friends).

Many of them are “mature,” single, well established, have great jobs, own their own home, are very independent and are very happy.

They travel the world, they fix things around their homes and they serve in leadership roles in their church.

Maybe you know some women like this or possibly are one.

This can be dangerous because musicians are notoriously bad news because they're just soooo arty. Musician dudes see the music inside of you and they want a piece of the action. They fly from country to country looking for someone just like you and they're very sexy while they do it.

Plus, you can see past money because you're just a good person. The guys who are most into you are men of the world — both sexy and international.

There's just something about you presidents can't get enough of. You seem like the kind of person who would be good to have on a private jet.

*Develop your seductive instinct through a fun GAME that you won’t want to put down!

* Familiar settings such as the MOVIES, a RESTAURANT and the BEACH allow you to put in practice what you have learned! By winning a challenge, put what you’ve learned into practice and win over wonderful girls!


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