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Since the turn of the millennium, there have been many big players within the social media industry, with millions of users and aspirations to match.

Some have gone missing though – never talked about online or off.

The functionality was very simple – adding friends, sending messages and sharing media were all popular activities.

Such was its success and position at the time, a million offer from Google was declined in 2003. Myspace soon built a larger user base, Facebook and Twitter followed shortly after, and Friendster soon had to change direction.

Free to join, POF is one of the largest dating sites on the web, allowing a relatively hassle-and-weirdo-free experience of online dating; no naked pictures, no fee for the majority of services and no obligation.

If anyone requests money from you, report them immediately!

According to recent statistics, it’s estimated that 377.6 million people worldwide use online dating sites or apps.

So is it the ease of the hook up via Tinder that has strangled our dating culture or did Ireland ever have a dating culture to begin with?

Are Irish people more interested in an American style dating culture?


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