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This can mean that what should take a matter of 1 to 3 seconds, often takes a lot longer.

Free Excel Help One drawback with recorded macros in Excel is that the code produced is often very inefficient.

Hidden = True'This code is repeated several times, but in order to make this easier to read, I left out most of 'em Range("A39: A81").

Go To What:=wd Go To Line, Which:=wd Go To Absolute, Count:=1 Cells.

The only other alternative is to write the necessary VBA code for this, but I'm not a programmer. End With' block with the new one, and completed the 'Str Img' variable with the correct path and file name pointing to the required image.

I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how to select the position of an image to include in my macro. I tried it first in parts as per your code and when I got this error, I tried it replacing the parts with the full path and file name all in one, such as "e:\user\full_path\filename.jpg".

Before I start, I will admit I posted this in a forum that helps me a lot with another Office product, but as of this post they were not able to shed any light on this issue.

The error 4605 seems to be gone, now that I've removed the 'hide cells' lines.

Activate End Sub Error message is the same as the one I described in my previous post.

Screen Updating = False ' Set the text str Text To Insert = "Annual bonus rates for the last five years" str Text To Find = "Discharge Pack" Data Obj.

Show = -1 Then Set o Frm = New frm Progress If doc To Open.


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