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Although none of them admitted to the allegation, the report alleged that the kids of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt refer to Johnny Depp as "Papa Johnny." But in International Business Times Singapore's report, such allegation is similarly denied, as Jolie and Depp are not even contacts.After the most controversial divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, different made-up and factual rumors are spreading out about them.

According to onlookers’ reports, he appeared drunk and puffy – recent pics of Depp show him considerably heavier and demonstrating a less healthy look. At the same event, Johnny thanked his 23 years’ younger wife Amber Heard when he accepted an award.

The "Tourist" co-star Johnny became Pitts rival in the movie.

The news statement included "Brad will go berserk when he finds out that Angie's replaced him with Johnny." Angelina reached out to Johnny after the divorce with Pitt, the peculiar report said.

He thanked her for “putting up with him.” Depp looked sloppy on the red carpet as well with some sort of white substance splattered on his pants.

Has Vanessa Paradis had too much of Depp’s drunken shenanigans?


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